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CONSE-CRATE: The Pearls of Life

Welcome, Conse-crate subscribers!

Click on the photo to the right to download your complimentary copy of a pamphlet for your personal use. It describes the Pearls of Life prayer beads you received. This guide will help you get familiar with the prayer beads and begin your journey with them. (The file is password-protected. Enter CONSECRATE to open the file and print or save it.) 


Should you have any problems with you Pearls of Life prayer beads, please contact me at


I also offer Pearls of Life DIY kits for young people. I am happy to consider bulk pricing for Sunday school classes, vacation Bible school, or other group activities. I can also help you design workshops for adults and young people.

20201016_142145 (1).jpg

Other versions of Pearls of Life prayer beads, as well as Lutheran Lenten rosaries and other contemplative items, may be found in my Etsy shop.


I welcome the opportunity to bring your custom design ideas to fruition! Clients have commissioned prayer strands and bracelets for themselves, for their pastors, and for friends. Email me with your request or idea.

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