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Pearls of Life

Wreath of Christ / Frälsarkransen

The Pearls of Life

One type of Lutheran prayer beads is known as the Pearls of Life, Wreath of Christ, or Frälsarkransen. In this design, created by Swedish Lutheran bishop, Rev. Martin Lönnebo, each of the eighteen beads may be associated with a meaning, a life question, a thought, or a prayer.

Several styles of Lutheran prayer beads, as well as informational booklets, may be purchased through Lutheran Prayer Beads' Etsy shop. I also have created custom versions of the Pearls and welcome inquiries about making a set that is a personal expression of you.

For more information on the Pearls of Life from Bishop Lönnebo's native Sweden, visit this web site and ask Google to translate:

Pearls of Life Frälsarkransen
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