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Lutheran Prayer Beads

The first thing many people say when you mention Lutheran prayer beads is, "I never heard of those!" And it's true. Most Lutherans aren't aware that there are Lutheran prayer beads...much less that there are several types! Take some time to browse this site to learn more. If you are inspired to begin using prayer beads, we cordially invite you to choose one from our Etsy shop or to contact us with your custom design idea. And don't keep the secret to yourself. Tell your friends and family about Lutheran prayer beads so they can begin the journey themselves! (Feel uncomfortable with that thought? Read on below the photo!)


You may wonder how you can begin to tell people about Lutheran prayer beads. What if someone thinks prayer beads are too "Catholic"? What if a friend is interested but skeptical because they've never heard about Lutheran prayer beads? They ask if these are for "real."

Well, yes, they are for real. Most of these prayer bead designs have been created by Lutheran clergy and Lutheran laypersons. As for being too "Catholic," it may be helpful to remember that almost all religious traditions use prayer beads in one form or another. Why? Because they are a tactile aid to prayer, connecting mind/body/heart in a unified experience.

Prayer beads offer an authentic and personal experience for each individual. Different types of prayer beads speak to different people. Some love wearing a Pearls of Life, with its many colors, and each day choose one of the Pearls that most resonates with the feeling tone of the day. Some love working their fingers through the repetitive motion of moving through the beads on a longer rosary, like the Lenten rosary. It calms the mind, centers the heart. Or perhaps the simple beauty of a Lord's Prayer bracelet serves as a subtle daily reminder of the peace and well-being that come from that prayer.

Share your experience! Your friends and family will be more inclined to open to Lutheran prayer beads when they hear how you use them, how they affect your prayer life.

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