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Praying with the Pearls

Ideas for Your Personal Contemplative Practice

An Overview of the Pearls

Each of the beads in the Pearls of Life has a meaning. This diagram will help you learn what each bead represents. A basic explanation, but having learned it, you can adapt the Pearls to your own unique way of practice. You may also find support in publications offered through Lutheran Prayer Bead's Etsy site.

  • The round gold Pearl of God reminds us that God is always with us and loves us. 

  • Six oblong Pearls of Silence remind us to shut out our distractions and that as we approach God, words are not necessary. 

  • The small white I Pearl reminds us to turn inward and that we are created in God’s image. 

  • The larger white Baptism Pearl reminds us we can start over. 

  • The beige Desert Pearl represents the difficulties that challenge us and cause us to grow. 

  • The blue Serenity Pearl represents faith and courage that can arise in stillness. 

  • The two red Love Pearls are for being loved and for loving others. 

  • Three small white Pearls of Mystery stand for our inner secrets. 

  • The black Night Pearl represents darkness and doubt. 

  • The white Resurrection Pearl stands for faith and hope that triumph over all. 

Pearls of Life diagram.jpg
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