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Praying the Traditional Rosary

A Lutheran Approach

Traditional Rosary

Traditional Catholic rosaries are widely available, with many kinds of beads, medals, and crosses. It is perfectly acceptable to pray the rosary in any way you wish. Although the rosary practice has stabilized into a particular form, a quick glance at any history of prayer beads will reveal how the practice has changed through time.


  • Darel E. Paul developed a Lutheran approach to praying the rosary. His copyrighted practice may be downloaded here. Experiment and see how this affects you. And feel free to improvise!

  • The former pastor of my church, Rev. John Stirewalt, uses his traditional 108-bead Hindu/Buddhist rosary for petitionary prayer, offering prayers for family and those in need. 

  • The rosary is very portable and can be prayed anytime and anywhere! I used to see a man walking a path near my home, praying his Catholic rosary every morning as he walked. I felt he was spreading peace and well-being throughout the neighborhood, and I am sure he found peace in his heart.

Lutheran rosary practice

A beautiful Catholic rosary, handmade by the brothers of Mepkin Abbey, a Trappist monastery in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, and a gorgeous place to visit, worship, and take retreat.

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